The Unzip Wizard software can easily unzip your ZIP archive files

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Web surfers praise The Unzip Wizard as better than Winzip Stuff-It 1 Step Unzip NetZip and PKUnzip

The Unzip Wizard makes it easy to unzip your ZIP archive files!

See what all the excitement is about!  Download a copy of The Unzip Wizard software to try on your own PC!

Hardware requirements

The Unzip Wizard requires a PC computer using Microsoft Windows.

Downloading files made simple

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Easier to use than Winzip and PKUnzip
See how to unzip files with actual snapshots of this amazing file software utility - The Unzip Wizard
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How to unzip files with PKs unzip
Letters to the Editor
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Zipping files
Advice Column

Dear Mr. Wizard,

What is a ZIP file?

Clueless in Nebraska

Dear Clueless,

A ZIP file is a collection of files that have been compressed (reduced) in size, and then bundled together into one single file. To unzip (uncompress and unpack) the internal files, you need to use The Unzip Wizard.

Why would someone stuff a bunch of files into a single compressed file in the first place?  Compressed files download much faster from the Internet to your computer. There have been many formats for compressing files over the years, but the most common is ZIP.

If you have downloaded a ZIP file and you need to unzip (uncompress) its contents, then The Unzip Wizard is all you need.

If you have further questions regarding ZIP files or how to use The Unzip Wizard, click here.

SANE CITY, CA - A mystical magician has recently been gaining a large following among computer users.  Every day thousands of people look to The Unzip Wizard for guidance and help with their file unzipping problems. "Downloading files from the Internet is one of the most popular activities among Web surfers, but many people are confused as to what to do with those ZIP files once they have downloaded one," comments Ira B. Wildered, a former befuddled Web surfer.

Known to his many admirers as "Mr. Wizard", this magical software program has an uncanny way of popping up on computers at exactly the right moment, lending a helping hand to those who are in need.  Many Web enthusiasts call it magic, or a miracle, while others proclaim him as a savior, but skeptical scientists are still perplexed as to where The Unzip Wizard gets his amazing powers.  What is known, however, is that The Unzip Wizard can be found on computers across the globe, as a result of the miracle of the Internet.  For many lost and tormented souls who have struggled for years with cumbersome, unfriendly or overly complex file unzipping software, their encounter with The Unzip Wizard has actually changed their lives. "I now look forward to unzipping files," reported one user.  And even new babes to the Internet have found a resting place under his guiding and magical wand.

Don't remain an outcast!  If you haven't experienced how amazingly fast and efficient and easy The Unzip Wizard is at unzipping your ZIP files, then what are you waiting for?!  For years, devoted users from far and wide have made their pilgrimage to The Unzip Wizard's web site seeking answers and relief to their file unzipping problems.  Affectionate devotees have been know to leave beads, trinkets and notes of affection at The Unzip Wizard's doorstep...

"Thank you so much for your shareware version of the Unzip Wizard.  I loaded him and now life is full and complete again!  I will be writing the Pope and nominating you for sainthood." (Molly E.)

"I downloaded it last week and it is the best program that I have seen and used." (Donald K.)

THANKS for giving the world the remarkable UNZIP WIZARD.  I had sought for a solution ad nauseum, and finally found your site listed in my net find results..... IT LITERALLY SAVED MY SANITY!!!!!!! 

"I love Unzip Wizard!  I spent so much time fooling around with WinZip and HATED it." (Lisa F.)

"Unzip Wizard has great graphics and easy to follow instructions." (Leslie K.)

"I really love your Unzip Wizard - finally an application which makes unzipping easy!" (Martin H.)

"I am recommending it to my friends." (Tom P.)

"What an AWESOME utility! It is so quick and easy, and beats the heck out of fooling around with PKUNZIP like I did for years." (P. Carson)

"This is a brilliant programme that is so easy that my five year old son can even use." (Ian F.)

"Keep up the good work.  Your products are among the best I have used." (Kenneth P.)

"We are really impressed with Unzip Wizard and were very please to have located such a user-friendly product." (Robert K.)

The Unzip Wizard will help you unzip your ZIP archive files!
Product Overview

The Unzip Wizard software has the following features:

  • Choose to unzip all files, or only some of the files stored in a ZIP file.
  • When viewing a list of ZIP files, you can sort them by name, directory, date, compressed or uncompressed size or by compression rate.
  • The Unzip Wizard warns you when you are overwriting existing files of the same name.
  • If the Wizard finds any README.TXT or INSTALL.EXE or SETUP.EXE files during the unzipping process, then he will politely ask you if you wish to view or run these files.  How thoughtful!
  • Many helpful tips and suggestions appear in simple English (not computer-ese) whenever the user needs assistance.

Although this program was originally intended for computer novices (nothing to be ashamed of here) we feel confident that computer geeks and busy professionals will likewise find The Unzip Wizard to be a time saver and a "must have" software utility.

To download a copy of this amazing and magical software utility to use on your own computer, click here!

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