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I have already purchased The Unzip Wizard and I need help!

Q: I purchased The Unzip Wizard several months ago, but my hard disk drive recently crashed and I lost everything!  Do I have to repurchase your Unzip Wizard again?

A: You will never have to repurchase The Unzip Wizard, however, there may be a small fee charged under certain circumstances.  Continue reading to see if you can get back The Unzip Wizard without incurring the fee.


If you purchased a 3.5" backup diskette or CD from us, then you are in luck.  Simply follow the installation instructions found printed on the diskette label or CD sleeve.  You will be back up and running in minutes.

If you did not purchase a 3.5" backup diskette or CD from us (and yes, we did offer you one at the time of the original sale) and YOU made your own backup diskette, well, you also are in luck!  Pop the backup diskette you made in your disk drive, and double click on the program file (typically named something like "UNZIP32-302.EXE").  Follow the on-screen directions and you will be back up and running in minutes.

Now, if you did not purchase a backup diskette, and you failed to make your own backup diskette, do not despair (yet)...

You can always download another copy of The Unzip Wizard from our Web site.  The download is free, and you can download the software as many times as you like.  Simply click on the red diskette (see left column).


Assuming you have the program downloaded and installed, you will next have to unlock the software, otherwise the software will run in "evaluation mode".  Please find the original email message that we sent you shortly after your purchased the software online.  That email had a subject line of either "Unzip Wizard - Please print and save this" or "Password key: Unzip Wizard - Please print and save".   Once you find those instructions, simply follow the 7 steps found therein, which will result in a successful unlocking of the software.

Wailing and gnashing of teeth...

If you have gotten this far, and you are reading this, then this probably means that you have failed to purchase an installation disk or make your own backup disk, or perhaps you did not print and save the password instructions for future reference.  Unfortunately, you will need to purchase an installation disk so as to prevent a similar situation from occurring again in the future. Click here to purchase an installation disk.  We will also send you password instructions by email when you purchase an installation disk.

(The $5 fee to reissue a lost password was mentioned in 3 different emails that we sent to you at the time you purchased the software online.  $5 is exactly the cost of the installation disk that was initially offered to you at the time of the original sale.  We are not profiting from your misfortune, since the $5 covers the price of the CD, mailer, postage and labor to mail you the disk.)


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